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We are on our WINTER HOURS.

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The store will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov 22nd.


NU 2 U Retail Store was started in 2014 in Manistee Michigan. Over the past three years we have grown into our 6400 square foot space. Thrice we have been voted Manistee’s best place to buy antiques by the Manistee News Advocate! On a average basis the retail store receives a shipment once a week of varying good from furniture to the smallest of smalls. We work diligently the day of shipment and the next few days to organize, catalog, and price all of the new items and get them out on the floor for sale. Our ability to import new items into the shop make our collection ever changing and a great place to stop in frequently. All new items are placed on Facebook, or here on our website.

How our retail store pricing works

After researching an item we find the lowest price an item has sold for on the 2nd hand retail market and then we take that price and divide it in half, and that is our retail price.

Is the retail shop handicap accessible?

YES! We are wheelchair accessible at the front entrance and we strive to make sure our main aisles are big enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker.

Does the store offer delivery?

In Manistee we do offer delivery. Delivery cost is based on distance and item being delivered. All other items the customer will be responsible for arranging pickup of items.

Do you really have 6400 square feet?

Yes we do! Our store is divided into 3 rooms. The first room you enter is our best of the best, comprising items that we want on display front and center. The second room is to the left of the first room and holds our recent deliveries as well as other pieces on display. Our 3rd and final room is our biggest and holds everything else do we don’t have space for. We also have a refinishing room where we fix furniture and build other wacky creations.

Does the store have a public restroom?

We’re sorry but we do not have a public restroom. BUT if you exit our shop and go right and take 50 steps there is a public handicap accessible restroom.

What forms of payments does the store accept?

We accept: Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We proudly process credit cards in-store using Square and online using PayPal.

What other things are there to do in Manistee?

From our famous ice cream shop to our historic riverfront, Manistee offers something for everyone.

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